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  1. CLEARWATER — For year-old Mary Wischhusen, an foot alligator crashing through her kitchen window has turned out to be "a fun thing, really.". Sure, the alligator broke her good red wine.
  2. Jun 26,  · "Giant alligator" is an attention grabber. How big is the biggest gator? After you hear the story of the foot alligator, you can decide if the record is a tall tale or if the most famous American environmentalist of the early 20th century (who you've never heard of) really found a modern dinosaur.
  3. Jul 12,  · Shannon Jumps In Water To Save 8 Foot Alligator - Duration: Gator Country TX 3, views. Gator Country Road Show In Celina Texas - Duration: Gator .
  4. Video recorded by the adventure park shows a very angry foot alligator not only bit the turtle back, but proceeded to fling it around like a rag doll. At several points, the angry gator seems.
  5. "Any body of water in Florida, you've got to know at some point or another there's an alligator," said Heather Porrata, who lives nearby. Sharon Estupinan said a park ranger warned her to walk her dogs farther away from the water's edge after she saw a foot (3-meter) gator in the pond three days ago. "I was afraid," she said.
  6. A Florida alligator farm employee was hospitalized after he was pulled into the water by a gator. Jim Darlington, a curator of reptiles at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, was bitten by a foot.
  7. If you are looking for wholesale alligator feet gifts, alligator feet key rings and key chains or alligator foot back scratchers, we have a wide assortment of gator novelties. Not only do they make great items for kids birthday party goodie bags, these alligator gifts are .
  8. Feb 13,  · 9-foot alligator traps family inside home A pound gator greeted an unsuspecting Florida woman at her front door Tuesday morning, causing the panicked homeowner to flee.
  9. According to a report from a caller, the alleged gator was said to be five or six feet in length. Animal control officers were called to join the search. Police said in a tweet that officers were.

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